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Frau Sport

The personal training is still a relatively young division within the general fitness area.
Therefore, I would like to give you some information about this and clarify your questions and uncertainties.

Why Personal Training?

Personally, I have been a passionate group trainer for years now! I love to offer courses and make my participants fit. During my work in the fitness center I enjoyed it very much to work out with many different people on the exercise equipment. But one thing I quickly realized in the group courses as well as in the studio area: there is often not enough room and time for the individual requirements, wishes and needs of the trainees! Many trainees are stuck in their sporting development, because the training no longer fits to their personal requirements!
This is a pity and not uncommonly leads to a lot of frustration! 2015 I have therefore completed my training as a licensed personal trainer and would now like to show you the advantages you can draw from a training with me!

Advantages of Personal Training

  1. Flexible training times and training places:

In this point, I am aiming at you and your needs. No matter how your working hours look like, whether you have children and are therefore only little flexible, whether you only want to train in your own home or only outdoors … The training that I develop for you fits easily into your daily life!

  1. Ideal support and individuality:

Since you always train with me (and not with frequently changing coaches), I can take care of you ideally, because I get to know you better over time and can assess your daily form and your progress well.

  1. Reduced risk of injury:

I will show you all the exercises in detail and explain to you what really matters to execute them safely and efficiently. Since I can correct you at any time and always look over your shoulder, I make sure that your risk of injury is relatively low. This is especially important for beginners and after injuries or illnesses!

  1. Background knowledge

I would like to share my knowledge with you and explain the theoretical connections behind your training plan. This helps you to be abble to work without me, too.

  1. No peer pressure

In personal training, YOUR wishes are the focus. You do not need to prove or delude anything within a group. We always train as it is best to you

  1. Ideal training planning and efficiency:

In contrast to (mostly untrustworthy) Internet and TV offers, my training plan is only designed for you! You are not tormented with “general” exercises which may not be appropriate for your physical condition, strength and agility, and therefore can never lead to a real success! I adapt your development plan over and over again so that you can reach your goal quickly and safely!

Our cooperation

I’m not trying to bind you with false promises to me. I am always open and honest with you and give you realistic goals and periods when you can reach them! Only in this way a trustworthy cooperation is possible at all!

Sport and exercise have been a part of my life since childhood! I have gained experience in a wide range of sports and am still open for anything new! I have done high-level training and qualification and would like to share my knowledge and experience.

As a special bonus, I offer you the opportunity to hold our joint training sessions outdoors. With pleasure all-year round! Outdoor training offers countless advantages from which you can only benefit! To be active with other people, to motivate them and to train is not a job for me but my vocation!

I put my heart into it every single second! Your decision for a personal training is a decision for YOU and your health!

When can I get to know you? Request an appointment today!